Elele e·le·le / eh-LEH- lee / Turkish: adverb. Hand in hand 

Elele is a Baltimore based design company that collaborates with community artists to create unique textiles. The company is named after the Turkish phrase “elele”, which captures how the interdependence of our world is a source of inspiration, creativity and unique expression.

Julie Ernst, a native New Orleanian and Baltimore transplant, has been showcasing community artists for the past decade as a small business owner in West Baltimore. She feels honored to cross paths with many talented artists whose art infuses beauty and inspiration into neglected neighborhoods throughout Baltimore.

For years Julie has been involved in all aspects of business design and has experimented with many forms of art – pottery being her favorite. She developed a fondness for textiles during college while studying abroad in Spain, where she purchased her first faded antique kilim. She has been collecting ever since. More recently she became interested in textile design while renovating and furnishing her home in Reservoir Hill, a historic Baltimore neighborhood. She appreciates how art, textiles, ceramics and personalized décor can reflect who we are and enliven a home.

Julie enjoys working with and learning from artist friends she’s made along the way and hopes to continue to collaborate with them on designs, showcase their work, and support their creative endeavors.